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This set of modules include the following (module title and learning objectives listed):

Module One: Race and Racism

    • Define the terms race and racism.
    • Explain how the concept of race developed in the United States.  
    • Describe the four levels of racism.
    • State how racism impacts the sex education received by K-12 students.

      Module Two: White Privilege and Sex Ed

        • Define the terms power, privilege, oppression, white privilege, and white supremacy.
        • Demonstrate an understanding of one's power and privilege.
        • Clarify the difference between white supremacy (covert white supremacy) and white extremism (overt white supremacy).
        • Explain white privilege and white supremacy, and how they impact teaching sex education to students in K-12 schools.

      Module Three: Racism and Youth Sexual Health Outcomes

        • Identify the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). 
        • Demonstrate an understanding of how the SDOH overlap with sexuality.
        • Explain how the SDOH are associated with systemic racism.
        • Describe how racism impacts the sexual health outcomes of young people including students that may be in their classrooms. 

      Module Four: Racial Justice in Sex Ed

        • Define the terms equality, equity, justice, and  racial justice.
        • Explain the difference between equality and equity.
        • Describe why racial justice is important to our society. 
        • State how they will take action to implement racial justice in their sex education programs. 

      Module Five: Reproductive Justice in Sex Ed

        • Define the terms reproductive rights, social justice, and reproductive justice. 
        • Explain the history of the reproductive justice movement in the United States.  
        • State why reproductive justice is an important part of K-12 sex education.

      This set of modules include the following (module title and learning objectives listed):

      Module Six: Intersectionality and Sex Ed

        • Define the term intersectionality
        • Explain the concept of intersectionality
        • State why intersectionality is an important part of K-12 sex education.

      Module Seven: Explicit Bias/Implicit Bias Sex Ed

        • Define the terms explicit bias and implicit bias.
        • Explain the difference between explicit bias and implicit bias.
        • State how explicit bias and implicit bias impact students in K-12 education classrooms. 

      Module Eight: Racial Microaggressions and Sex Ed

        • Define the terms racial microaggressions, microassaults, microinsults, and microinvalidation
        • Explain how implicit and explicit bias relate to microaggressions. 
        • Explain how racial microaggressions impact the quality of sex education that K-12 students receive. 

      Module Nine: Internalized Racism and Sex Ed

        • Define the term internalized racism.
        • Demonstrate an understanding of internalized racism and how it shows up in our schools/classrooms.
        • Explain how internalized racism impacts the quality of sex education that K-12 students receive.

      Module Ten: Strategies for Dismantling White Supremacy in Sex Ed

        • Explain how white supremacy culture continues to permeate K-12 sex education.
        • Demonstrate an understanding of strategies that can be used to dismantle white supremacy culture in sex education. 
        • Identity specific strategies to implement that will help create equitable learning environments.

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